Owyhee Badlands

Getting to the Owyhee badlands is difficult because you need permission to cross private land in order to access it. After going west on Mud Flat road and then across Deep Creek, a primitive road is found which goes about 15 miles south to the Brace Ranch from where it is a couple miles west to the badlands. The Brace Ranch is an abandoned private ranch. No one lives there permanently. We have no information at this time as to how the owner can be contacted for permission. If you try to go in yourself you will find numerous no trespassing signs. The BLM has been trying to find a legal access to the area but has not found one yet. The people who provided the photos , apparently obtained permission from the owner. We do not encourage anyone to trespass on private property. Those people wishing to visit the area should not do so unless they have obtained permission from the land owner.

The following photos of the Owyhee Badlands were provided by Owen Jones. More fine pictures of Oregon and Idaho canyons, caving and mountain pictures, as well as scenic photos of many other areas can be seen on his website: Fearless and Freebird's Adventures at www.catpeople.com