The Northwest
  The Pacific Northwest Canyoning Group is the place to communicate with northwest canyoneers:
  For information and photos of the Owyhee canyonlands and efforts to protect it, see
  Joe Bugden and Rob Cobb have produced canyoneering videos in Australia, Canada, the Pacific Northwest,and Reunion Island. They can be seen at
  Thomas Oetzell's website "Over the Crest" features many fine photos of Idaho canyons and mountains in the Northwest and Sierras:
  Robert Cobb's many fine canyoneering photos from Washington, Australia, Utah, and Colorado can be seen at
  The following websites provide photos of the Salmon River Gorge in Oregon.
  A very useful map of the Salmon River Gorge in Oregon showing waterfall locations.
  Photos of Opal Creek in Oregon
  Warren Smith’s descriptions of canyons in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
  Fearless and Freebirds Adventures is Owen Jones's website at He has many fine photos of Leslie Gulch, Succor Creek and other canyons. There are also pictures of caves, mountains, hot springs and other outdoor scenes.
  Information on four popular canyons immediately north of Vancouver, B.C.
  Ehab Sammy’s photos of Lynn Canyon near Vancouver, B.C.
  John Keefer’s photos of Malad Gorge in Idaho