Huberts Creek Prospect

The following beta and photos were provided by Chris Hood.

Huberts Creek is a small drainage dropping into the upper Squamish Riveer, just above the junction of the Squamish and Elaho Rivers. The stream is reached by following the Squamish Valley road north from town to a junction with the Elaho road system near milepost 37 on the good gravel road. Keep right at this point and continue past milepost 38 to a gate (generally open) and a bridge over Hubert Creek just beyond. There is ample parking in a layby.

The creek drops into a short granitic slot canyon just below the road before opening out and flowing into the Squamish River. There is a two-tiered drop of maybe 30 or 40 feet into the slot, with the bottom accessible via steep bush on canyon left. The interesting part, however, is upstream. Head into bush immediately right (canyon left) of the stream and follow a mossy, wooded, ramp/bench system upstream. The creek drops through a series of short granitic slots bordered by steep mossy forest and a second tier of walls beyond the wide bench/ramp system. The slots are shallow, but are in places nicely carved by the stream. Moss and ferns are abundant. The stream drops through numerous cascades in the 10 to 20 foot range, and at one point there is a small natural bridge eroded by the force of the water. The slot is very watery, and there may be a glacial contribution. Natural anchor possibilities in the streambed appear to be limited, and water levels as of the end of June are too high for anything other than a terminal descent. The series of slots continue upstream for an unknown distance.

I explored for maybe 300m before turning around. If the water level drops significantly, this canyon looks like it would be a rewarding and very challenging descent (maybe a 4C??). As it is, the gorge is still a fun place to explore, and there are a few access points to the edge of the water. The scary thing is that even on the 1:20,000 scale TRIM maps, the canyon is not obvious.

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