Sidewinder Canyon

Sidewinder Canyon is omitted from Michel Digonnet's book, "Hiking Death Valley." Directions to it and a description are to be found on page 257 of the Falcon guide book, "Hiking California's Desert Parks" by Bill Cunningham and Polly Burke. There are several wonderful slot canyon tributaries; very narrow, winding and dark. To find them, follow the directions on page 261 of the Falcon Guide. The first slot is at 3.3 miles. The book says that it is “worth a quick exploratory look". This tributary slot and the one down canyon at 3.5 miles are both worthy of a thorough exploration. They both go back a considerable distance. There are three arches and several large boulder chock stones wedged in the narrow undulating slot canyon walls. Some places are a pretty dark, so photography is rather challenging, and I have no pictures of the slots. There are small dryfalls which must be climbed on surprisingly solid conglomerate rock.

There are more slots down canyon on the left. The best of these is a short distance down canyon from the first two. It starts as a wide tributary and quickly splits in two. The right branch is not particularly interesting. The left branch is blocked by a boulder jam at its mouth. You can find a route through this and follow a winding slot to a steep dryfall which is in near total darkness. Climbing gear and headlamps will be needed to go further.

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Marble Canyon

Marble Canyon is described on page 357 of Michel Digonnet's book. On page 360 he recommends that you go up the first side canyon on the north side above the second narrows to some "amazing narrows". He is not exaggerating. I strongly recommend that you follow his suggestion. Sorry, I have no pictures of it.

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Slit Canyon

Slit Canyon is described on page 151 of Michel Digonnet's book. There is an undescribed and possibly unnamed canyon immediately to the south of it. This canyon is blocked at its mouth by a huge boulder jam. The topo map indicates that it has some steep areas above. This canyon may have good potential for a technical descent.

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