Crater Lake National Park

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In the route descriptions the terms left and right refer to facing downstream unless otherwise stated.

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We have included only three canyons for Crater Lake. These are all pretty short and easy to get to. It's a real shame that we have included so few since there are miles of beautiful canyons in the National Park. Waterfalls are a rarity so a rope is needed infrequently. The unlisted canyons tend to be long and deep, very scenic, with steep or vertical sides. Expect lots of wading, scrambling, and maybe swimming, but few if any rappels. These canyons were all likely to have been explored many decades ago. Yet there seems to be no available details or official record on any of them. The three major canyons are Sand Creek, Annie Creek and Castle Creek. Each of these has its own tributary forks, so there are thirty to forty miles of wild canyons to explore. The best map for a general overview of the park is the National Geographic Crater Lake National Park Map 244.